CEDS Dakar / Current registrations for the 2021-2022 session:

Masters and Postmasters in Diplomacy and Strategy, in Economic and Strategic Intelligence; Doctorate / PhD in
International Relations and Diplomacy, Doctorat / PhD in Business Dioplomacy.
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First Think Tank in French-speaking Africa on diplomatic and strategic issues

The CEDS is a benchmark research center on the major diplomatic and geopolitical issues of the continent and the world.

Our diploma training programs

The Doctorate / Ph.D in International Relations and Diplomacy program is a bilingual (English / French) doctoral program designed for diplomats, public and private sector executives, managers, senior officers who have already graduated with a master's degree or equivalent and who wish to '' deepen their knowledge and skills of analysis and research on questions of international relations, diplomacy and strategy.

The PhD in Business Diplomacy is a bilingual (English / French) doctoral program designed for decision-makers and aimed at deepening their analytical and research skills on issues of Business Diplomacy, negotiations and international economic transactions. The program aims to train and train public and private decision-makers to participate in the influence of their country's economy, but also in improving the competitiveness of large international companies present in Africa.

The Post-University Cycle of Diplomatic and Strategic Qualification is a Post-Master Program at postgraduate level (validated BAC + 6), reserved for decision-makers who already have a Master or an equivalent diploma and who wish to deepen their knowledge on international, diplomatic and safe. Recommended for diplomats, international civil servants, Ministers and Parliamentarians, senior officers and general officers, senior executives of companies and non-governmental organizations, this program is preparatory for the pursuit of doctoral studies. 

The Master of Higher Diplomatic Studies is a high-level training program (BAC + 5/6) initially intended to strengthen the capacities of decision-makers, senior executives and Foreign Affairs Advisors on all international, diplomatic, economic, commercial issues. strategic, geopolitical and geostrategic. This master also contributes to the preparation of young executives for diplomatic and international careers. 

The Master's Program in Po Science is intended for Professionals and students with a bachelor's or master's degree (BAC + 4), who wish to acquire skills in Political Science. 

The Master's program in economic intelligence and strategy aims to support African public authorities (through the qualification of decision-makers and young executives) in the field of mastery and strategic management of information assets for development.

This program aims to develop in participants the skills associated with economic intelligence: (i) information and knowledge management, (ii) protection of information and knowledge assets and  (iii) mastery of strategies of influence and  counter-influence. He aims above all  to lead the participants to appropriate all the opportunities offered to them by Economic Intelligence as a cultural and operational response to the problems of globalization and the globalization of the information society. 

Latest Publications and Latest Research WorkDoctoral theses, post-Master and Master theses, research / actions work

CEDS Dakar AlumniTraining in strategic sectors for development

The Dakar CEDS counts among its former auditors, high personalities (political, civil and military) and decision-makers with exceptional backgrounds occupying high positions throughout the world.

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