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CEDS Dakar is an organization of excellence dedicated to building the capacities of decision-makers, senior officials, magistrates and international executives. Several nationalities are accepted there as part of a short-term, Post-Master or doctoral training.

In order to maintain the level of quality in the training, the number of places at CEDS Dakar is limited. The admission procedure is as follows:

Admission procedure

Filing of files at reception or onlineWe receive applications from future auditors at our premises at the usual times or online. The submission of applications constitutes the first stage of the study project and in no way guarantees a place in the institution.

File reviewAfter receiving the applications, a scientific committee meets to examine each profile, taking into account the professional background, skills and interest in training. A decision is then rendered and notified to the candidate.

Written and / or oral testBy decision of the scientific committee, a written and / or oral test may be required to validate an application.

Decision to be notified to the candidateOnce the application has been validated, the decision is notified to the candidate as soon as possible. He can then start the administrative procedures for his effective registration.

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