Presentation and life story of CEDS Dakar

Context of the creation of CEDS Dakar

For its Chief Executive Officer, presenting this prestigious Institution is first of all paying a deferential tribute to the State of Senegal and through it, its friendly people and to all its Heads of State who have succeeded one another, from the President Abdou DIOUF to President Macky SALL via President Abdoulaye WADE, without whose fabulous support the Dakar CEDS would certainly never have seen the light of day and, perhaps, never been able to continue to operate from December 1999 to this day, moment when the events marking the celebration of its twenty years of existence are being prepared.

To these tributes, are naturally associated all the Defense and Security Forces of the Republic of Senegal who were the first to understand all the advantages that Senegal and Africa would gain from hosting an organization of the nature and size of 'a Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies. They went so far as to make logistics available in the premises of the Ministry of the Armed Forces before the State of Senegal housed the ECSR, after the signing of its Headquarters Agreement which put it in fruitful working conditions, in respecting its autonomy and independence.

This noble exercise would be incomplete and irrelevant if the name of the eminent Professor Pascal CHAIGNEAU, then General Administrator of the CEDS of Paris, who never ceased to provide his support and assistance to the CEDS of Paris, is not attached. Dakar. The same applies to the French government through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, whose appreciable assistance has never been lacking to the institution, not to mention the French Forces of Cape Verde, which have become the French Elements in Senegal with which the CEDS always had the best relations. May they all find here the expression of the infinite gratitude and the sublime gratitude of the Directorate General of the CEDS.

The Dakar CEDS is a post-university, autonomous and independent, non-profit, academically inclined establishment with the status of International Non-Governmental Organization, having to its credit consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and several partnership agreements in Africa, France and around the world.

Supported by the States of the Continent including that of Senegal, which has housed its headquarters for twenty years, it has a primarily Pan-African vocation, intended for leaders, decision-makers, senior officials, senior officers, general officers, magistrates, lawyers, members of Governments and Assemblies. national and local as well as non-state actors.

Thus, in the concern and with a view to contributing to the strengthening of Franco-African and Franco-Senegalese cooperation in particular, the Director General of CEDS Dakar took the initiative with the support of the Administrator General. of the CEDS of Paris, to create the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) of Dakar, supported in this by the Government of the Republic of Senegal and the Ministry of French Cooperation, to meet the needs of Senegalese and nationals of other states of sub-Saharan Africa in the areas of strategy and geopolitics.

Thus, for the past twenty years, the Dakar CEDS has contributed to updating the knowledge, in Senegal and Africa, of decision-makers who are responsible for strategic issues and the external affairs of their country or their companies, both on at the level of international and diplomatic relations as well as at the military, security, legal, economic, social and commercial level.

The Dakar CEDS, the first think tank in French-speaking Africa south of the Sahara in terms of diplomacy and strategy, is a Center of Excellence, a pole of strategic and geopolitical analysis. He is involved in the qualification and capacity building of African decision-makers in the fields of diplomacy and international cooperation, in matters of international relations and strategy.

The Dakar CEDS offers the satisfaction of drawing a particularly positive assessment of the initiative taken 20 years ago,  to create such an establishment in Dakar. Indeed, from 1999 to the present day, the Center has succeeded in creating the craze around strategic and geopolitical thought to the point that since then, in these areas, in Africa, hundreds of flowers have blossomed and hundreds of 'Schools are competing, as MAO TSE TUNG would say.

Thus, the indisputable specificity of the Dakar CEDS alongside other establishments gives it a supra-national dimension which opens up broad prospects for educational innovation within the framework of its autonomy and independence.

Welcoming listeners from all walks of the continent, a benchmark “Think Tank” available to all African States, it is the only training organization of its kind in Africa. This is how he contributed to the capacity building of several hundred African decision-makers (Ministers, Presidents of public institutions, Diplomats, Parliamentarians, Magistrates, Senior officials of the Administration, International experts, Army generals, Senior officers of the Army, the Gendarmerie and Police Commissioners), University professors of all nationalities. 

In this dynamic, the CEDS contributes to the understanding of strategic thinking, geopolitical analysis and the promotion of local development and decentralized cooperation, by building the capacities of local elected officials and non-state actors. He has also to his credit, the organization of several international conferences and seminars and round tables, very high-level geopolitical mornings that brought together great personalities and Experts from the Euro-African space, as well as the organization of trips to 'studies across several African, European and American capitals.

Each year, the CEDS organizes for its listeners a stay in Paris and Brussels to allow them to visit and discover the way in which certain large international institutions work such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the OECD, the French Senate, the Joint Defense College, the European Union, the ACP, the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In terms of technical assistance and advice, he accompanied several African States in the defense of their strategic interests in international bodies, thus leading a strong delegation to Dakhla, in the southern Moroccan provinces and pleaded on several occasions, before the Fourth Commission of the United Nations, the irrebuttable character of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, a position now shared and reaffirmed since December 2020, by one of the main world Powers, members of the Security Council. In the same vein, at the request of His Excellency the President of the Republic, the ECSR has usefully supported the State of Senegal in the negotiations with the French Republic, which will be  punctuated by the signing in Dakar of the first Franco-African agreement on the concerted management of migratory flows.

In addition, the Directorate General of CEDS Dakar is delighted to have introduced Economic Intelligence in Senegal and contributed to its spread in Africa with the support of the Senegalese Government and in partnership with the School of Economic Warfare in Paris. This is how he created, in 2009, the Pan-African School of Economic Intelligence and Strategy (EPIES) to support the public authorities and African decision-makers in the control of strategic information and the management of information assets. and knowledge at the service of the economic emergence of Africa.

In the same vein, with the help of his collaborators, auditors and partners, the Director General of CEDS Dakar was able to mobilize energies for the creation of the African Institute of Geopolitics (IAGEO), the Inter African Center for Training and Research on Intelligence (CIAF2R) and the Observatory of Terrorist Threats, Radicalisms, Criminal and Cindynistic Risks (OM2R). This observatory is an integral part of the heritage of CEDS Dakar. It allowed it to contribute, in a decisive way, in partnership with the Social Security Fund of Senegal, to the birth of PREVENTICA DAKAR, International Forum for Global Risk Management in Africa.

The management of the Center can only  welcome the invaluable support of the Government of Senegal, which has provided the Dakar CEDS with very large-scale support by authorizing the expansion of its training courses and by granting it, after the external evaluation of the National Authority of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANAQ SUP) the definitive Repsen / Ensup / AD / 004/2016 accreditation. This approval covers all the training offered by the establishment and authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, from the License to the Doctorate via the POST-MASTER which constitutes a year of preparation for the admission to the CEDS Doctoral School.

Finally, the year 2020 will have seen the Dakar CEDS contribute to the advent and launch of DAKAR SCIENCE PO, THE FIRST GRAND PAN-AFRICAN SCHOOL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE and to the creation of its new website which you are discovering, at the moment, the various products and services in the field of higher diplomatic education, training and qualification, by making online training and new educational resources available to target audiences, including high-quality virtual libraries.

The occasion is more favorable than ever to mobilize African decision-makers, Senegalese in particular, all members of the Dakar ECSR network to support and accompany, in the current context, the strategy implemented by the President of the Republic of Senegal against the Covid-19, then reflect on the strategic, geopolitical and geostrategic perspectives of the world, by putting the health / population determinants in the foreground, with all African Companies, States and Governments, as well as those who already trust to the CEDS than all others who would like to benefit from its expertise, advice and assistance.

May this renovated site meet the expectations and meet the needs of visitors.