Doctorate / Ph.D Program in Business diplomacy and Diplomacy

Doctorate / Ph.D. Program in Business Diplomacy and Economic DiplomacyProgram in French and English


The PhD in Business diplomacy and economic Diplomacy is a bilingual (English / French) doctoral program designed for decision-makers and aimed at deepening their analytical and research skills on issues of Business Diplomacy, Economic Diplomacy negotiations and international transactions. . The program aims to train and train public and private decision-makers to participate in the influence of their country's economy, but also in improving the competitiveness of large international companies present in Africa. It is about getting them to:

Understand the current geopolitical and geoeconomic issues;

Understand the major public policies relating to international trade;

Know the tools of law and finance to carry out international commercial transactions;

Master the strategy business to governments .


The Scientific Committee of the Ph.D is chaired by Professor Babacar GUEYE, Full Professor of Exceptional Class Universities, Associate of Faculties of Law and Political Science.


Under the aegis of the Director General of CEDS Dakar, the educational coordination of the Program is ensured by the President of the Scientific Committee.


The Ph.D in Business Diplomacy and economic Diplomacy to governments is designed for diplomats, public and private sector executives, managers, senior officers who have already graduated with a master's degree or equivalent and who wish to deepen their knowledge and analytical skills. and research in the field of business diplomacy and international economic and trade relations.


Taking into account the professional activities of the auditors, the first year of this program is organized at a frequency of two to three half-days per week, during the first year of face-to-face or online training which will be supplemented by research work leading to defense of the thesis in the third year. Optional study trips are planned to Europe, America and South Africa.


Geopolitical Studies and International Relations

International cooperation and affairs

Public and private international law,  

International public policy

Economy and international business 


Strategy business to governments,

Economic development and public private partnerships,

Theory and international practice of negotiation,

Oil in the global economy,

International financial markets,

Soft powers, networks and influences,

Methodology and research,

Global marketing strategies,

Multinational companies in situations of violent conflict and violation of human rights


After having successfully passed the evaluation tests for the various courses, participated in group work and satisfied a presence of 75% of the program, the Ph.D. auditors will have, in order to obtain the Diploma, to write a thesis of at least 250 pages and to defend it in front of a jury of at least four professors or lecturers from universities or experts, in order to obtain the Doctorate / PhD in Business Diplomacy and Diplomacy.


The Dakar CEDS doctoral program benefits from the scientific support of Academics and Research Directors from several universities at national, regional and international level.

At the international level, for past doctoral sessions, doctoral seminars and thesis supervision were provided by renowned professors from European (French, English and Swiss) and American universities (Université Laval du Québec). At the African level, in addition to the Universities of Dakar - UCAD and of Saint Louis, where the professors intervene constantly, the doctoral program of the CEDS in Dakar also benefits from the scientific support of Moroccan academics.

The Dakar CEDS has signed scientific cooperation agreements with several laboratories or research institutes including the Institute of African Studies of the Mohamed V University of Rabat, the LARTES / IFAN of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, the Center for Socio-Economic Development of Geneva in Switzerland, the Center for Advanced Defense and Security Studies of Senegal, the Moroccan Center for Strategic Studies (CMES), the African Federation for Strategic Studies (FAES).



The fees for the session (see application file) are payable the first year and cover all the courses described; not including periodic study abroad and reunification travel costs.

Added to this are the flat-rate re-registration fees and defense fees due when submitting the thesis at the end of the course.